Welcome to my website dedicated to assisting the unfolding of humanity.

This is a website for those of you who see the changes on our dear planet and who wish to assist in realising the wonderful possibilities now available.

The information here is for those of you who see the illusion we are living, and who wish to delve deeper.  For those of you who want to know what is really going on, and who want to play your part in assisting the magnificent changes now.

This website is dedicated to those of you who identify yourselves as lightworkers, rainbow warriors, indigo kids, star children, new kids, wise ones, starseeds, and first, second or third wavers.

On these webpages you will find information about what is really going on for us and for the planet.

I am periodically posting important aspects of negotiating these changing times and of living the new ways.

  • Keep a regular eye on my About page and on my Blog for new information.
  • I will also post commentary on significant events as they occur on this planet – see Updates under my Blog page.
  • There is an opportunity to ask questions and I will post answers on the website where this could be helpful to others.  Go to the Ask A Question Tab to do this.  Then see my Blog for responses.
  • At various times I plan to have more extended mini eBooks for download by donation.  Check the Shop tab to see what is available.
  • I am also available to run seminars in Australia & New Zealand, or teach over the internet.  See the Seminars tab for more information.
  • There is an extended Links section to help you access books, DVD’s, web videos, and websites to assist your unfolding.

And you may ask “Who are you Ralph?”    Let’s just say that I am one who has walked the path for a very long time and has some deep soul wisdom to share with you.  A bridge between heaven and earth – as in the picture here from the Tarot.

May you find this website a contribution to living your own soul purpose.



WEBSITE:  www.siriusdisclosure.com

Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.


“Sirius” is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer – an Emergency Medicine doctor turned UFO/ New Energy researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy & propulsion techniques. Along the way, Dr. Greer investigates new technology and sheds light on criminal suppression. He accumulates over 100 Government, Military, and Intelligence Community witnesses who testify on record about their first-hand experiences with UFOs and with the cover-up.

In the course of his research Dr. Greer is asked to look at an amazing find: a humanoid specimen, 6 inches long from the Atacama Desert. Not until 2012 was he given permission to take bone samples and DNA from the specimen. At that same time a pre-eminent geneticist, hearing of this find, offered to do DNA testing. He enlisted an MD from the same university,- world renowned for his work with skeletal anomalies, to view the x-rays and CT scans. Their expertise along with Dr. Greer’s expansive knowledge of the subject bring more questions than answers. Where did this “Atacama Humanoid” come from? Are there others like it? What does it say about the origin of the human species?

While on this odyssey, the audience gains a whole new perspective on technology, human evolution, and clandestine organizations who have manipulated and controlled the public for centuries.


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