Evolution In These Changing Times

There is no doubt that we are living in unstable times of great and unpredictable change.  We are seeing major floods, earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic activity in ever-increasing surges – although much of this goes unreported in the mainstream media.  We are also seeing a great amount of debate about global warming – or is it actually global cooling?  The reality is that there are major changes going on in worldwide climate patterns and all sorts of extreme weather situations are occurring.  What about this prolonged drought – the one in a thousand years?  We seem to have these never-ending water restrictions.  Our traditional Aussie gardens are dying off at a great rate.  Has our government got its water management wrong?  Climate change is certainly upon us.  Of course there are many questions as to the cause of this – is humanity’s ongoing desecration of the planet finally catching up, maybe it’s just some long term cycles making themselves felt, or is it the sun that is fuelling things?  The bottom line is that the world herself is changing.

Then there is the issue of the petrol prices.  What is going on with all these huge ups and downs in the price of a litre of petrol?  Are the oil companies ripping us off?  Or are we really running out of oil?  What is this talk of “peak oil” and a rapidly approaching scarcity of all fossil fuels and mined energy sources – including uranium?

There is also the spectre of global economic crisis.  What is going on with our financial system?  Has the over-speculation of the big corporations in America caught up with us all and tipped the world into another Great Depression?

What about all the violence?  There seem to be endless wars and so many atrocities on TV, and even in our neighbourhoods.

And how are families coping?  It seems as if the good old Aussie family is doomed to go the way of the dodo.

So what’s it all about?  Is the world going mad?  Is anyone in control of all this?


These are all great questions to be asking.  We need to look at these matters very carefully.  Because maybe, just maybe, these things are not a sign of chaos but are actually showing us that we are getting it right – at long last.  In fact all these crises could be an opportunity for real change and positive growth – both individually and as a planet.

So let’s step back and take a broader look at things.

There has been a lot of recent interest in the Mayan Calendar – and for good reason.  It seems to give a timetable and rationale for what is now going on.  And this is because it ends on the summer solstice (21 December) 2012.

Some people have taken this to mean that some sort of catastrophic occurrences will take place around 2012 which will wipe out humanity, and maybe even our planet.  Yet this does not seem to really be the case.  It seems in fact that the Mayan Calendar relates much more to a spiritual history of this planet culminating in a major shift of consciousness around this time.  Interestingly too on 21-12-2012 our planet and our sun align directly with the centre of our Milky Way galaxy.  Such an astronomical event could have an interesting impact on us.  Will there be a literal flooding of light from the galactic centre, or of some form of cosmic radiation?  Recent scientific evidence quoted by science writer Andrew Collins in his DVD and book “The Cygnus Mystery” – see http://www.andrewcollins.com/ – suggests that some forms of cosmic radiation can have a potent effect on our DNA and may precipitate periodic leaps in our evolution due to the induced genetic shifts.  Interesting thought about what might happen to our DNA when we line up with the galactic centre on the summer solstice of 2012.

Author Barbara Hand Clow in her book “The Mayan Code” talks about the Mayan Calendar as a history of the evolution of consciousness on this planet that comes to a peak in 2011 when collectively we really face the issues of aggression, war, territorial possession, resource management and separation from nature.  She suggests that we cannot avoid these issues as they are being forced upon us by the closing of a great cycle of evolution.  After this in 2012 she says that cosmological events can inspire us all to move into a more aware state of living in oneness with each other, with all life forms and with the earth herself.  A most interesting if rather radical view.  Yet it makes some real sense.

After all doesn’t time seem to be speeding up?  And it sure does seem that pretty much each day some corporate group or government minister somewhere in the world is being exposed for corruption and held up to be accountable.

In fact Ian Xel Lungold in two presentations – “The Mayan Calendar Goes North” and “The Mayan Calendar – The Evolution Continues” from http://www.mayanmajix.com/ – discusses the world view presented by some ancient Mayan stone texts that we are living through a series of cycles.  Right now we are in the middle of the “ethics cycle” where issues of integrity and right / wrong in a deep ethical sense are coming up to the surface.  In fact he suggests that we are now at the point in 2009 where the balance suddenly shifts and at long last ethics and virtue actually have the upper hand in our societies.  He also suggests that it is not so much time that is speeding up, rather there are more and more events happening in a given period of time – so that we feel as if things are getting faster.  All this parallels the scientific work of Dr. Sergey Smelyakov, a mathematics professor in Kharkov, Russia, which suggests that time is indeed collapsing around a nodal point in 2012 – see http://www.astrotheos.com/.

Coming back to Barbara Hand Clow in her book “The Mayan Code”, she further suggests that the way through the current collapse in our world is to attend to our own personal healing – so that each of us can then serve the greater good, and so serve mother earth.  In this way it would be true to say that the world can end soon – maybe even in 2012.  But it is not that we will all die or the planet be destroyed.  Rather she suggests that the current global crises can propel us into a new state of awareness – a state of higher consciousness.  In this way the old world of limited cause-and-effect materialistic thinking can be seen to end, and in its place a new world of holistic consciousness where we all experience ourselves as a part of a great web of life, can be born.

This all sounds very attractive and highly desirable.  But is it plausible?

Surprisingly the answer is Yes.  It is not just possible but in fact is likely.

As well as the above-mentioned scientific work, there is an abundance of information coming from quantum physics demonstrating how matter is impacted on and shaped by energy.  Indeed the experience of the observer can shape and radically alter the outcome of the experiment.  In addition it has been shown that matter and energy are simply different states of the same substance, and that they are in fact interchangeable.  String Theory has taken this further to show that the universe in fact has an inherent and natural tendency to order itself in a harmonious way – as if some vast intelligence were pulling the strings and putting things into order (hence the name String Theory).  Consciousness also comes in here – that is the observer’s attitude and the very act of observing changes things.  The human can truly affect the world at large.  There has been some excellent presentation of this material in the film “What The Bleep – Down The Rabbit Hole”.

Coupled with this Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown how positive or negative attitudes of an observer can change the bonding patterns of water molecules – see http://www.masaru-emoto.net/.   This effect is even more pronounced when a number of people focus together on consciously sending a thought to the water.  Given that the human body is approximately two-thirds water, this gives a mechanism of how the invisible mind can actually affect and change the material physical body – through the mediation of the water molecules and their bonds (which can store energy and information, and therefore provide the necessary input to change physical function, as shown by quantum physics).

Dr. Bruce Lipton has also discussed how the central controlling point of cellular function is not the nucleus, it is in fact the cell membrane.  This membrane senses the environment and then chooses which stimuli it will respond to and which it will ignore – in fact the cell membrane acts intelligently.  Dr. Lipton also discusses how this functions on the larger scale – how the mind can influence the body (as suggested for a long time now by holistic medicine).  In essence Dr. Lipton says that belief shapes reality, and that belief becomes biology.  For more information see Dr. Lipton’s book “The Biology Of Belief” and his various video presentations on the new biology available from his website www.brucelipton.com

All this is good scientific evidence pointing to the fact that the world is indeed different to how we have been taught to experience it – as a linear “cause and effect” place where nothing is connected, we can all act to gain power and status, competing with each other for dominance and where the game is “survival of the fittest” – that is “kill or be killed”.  The new understandings of science are in fact showing us that the world is in fact connected at the deepest level – the proverbial fluttering of a butterfly’s wings in one part of the planet can induce an earthquake in another part of the globe.  Science is also now showing us that seemingly ridiculous things are actually real – things like focussed intention by a group of people can change human behaviour.  Scientists associated with the Transcendental Meditation movement has demonstrated how a group of meditators can significantly drop the crime rate in a city where they are joined together in peace meditations.  There is even some preliminary evidence that Star Trek is not so far fetched – for example light photons and also water molecules have actually been teleported over short distances.

We are living in a changing world.  And realising that we can actually influence how this change manifests through what we pay attention to, both individually and as a group, is an amazingly empowering tool.  We can actually help to shape the world we live in – giving truth to the old axiom that our world today is the result of our thoughts and actions yesterday.

We are surrounded by examples of this change in attitude in various aspects of society.  Things are not so locked in as they used to be.  By educating ourselves and becoming aware of what is happening in our world, we can choose what we focus on and therefore influence what we manifest in the world – especially when this is done as a group, and the larger the better (a mass consciousness effect).

Look at the new alternative news, written information and videos becoming increasingly available through the internet.  Sure cyberspace has its problem areas – but it is also a wonderful gift for global communication to widely disseminate new ideas and information not reported on by mainstream media.  It is truly an information super highway which is reshaping how we all think.  And maybe this is not an accident – maybe it is in fact a natural reflection of the expansion of human consciousness which seems to be taking place now.

Look at the new alternative films which question the ethos our society is built on and expose some of its frauds.  Films such as “Zeitgeist” and “Zeitgeist Addendum” – www.zeitgeistmovie.com – and the recently released Australian film “Tunkashila” – www.youtube.com/unitednatures – are examples of hard-hitting creative alternative thinking.

There are also the new waves of mainstream environmental expose films (such as Al Gore’s “An Incovenient Truth” and Leonardo Di Caprio’s “The 11th Hour”), and of “peak oil” movies such as “End Of Suburbia” and “Escape From Suburbia” which are pointing out our dependence on a limited resource of oil, and what might happen as it starts to become scarce.  Such films embody a new questioning world-view.  Surely a positive sign of a new intelligence awakening.

We are also seeing the growth of a new caring for our environment – animal welfare, forest protection, endangered species preservation, and anti-whaling movements are all symptomatic of this change in thinking.  Caring for each other is also catching on – for example see the wonderful short films available at www.globalonenessproject.org

Growing interest in sustainable living and a return to supportive community life are offering new/old ways to live.  Approaches such as organics, biodynamics, permaculture and the Transition Towns movement  – http://transitiontowns.org/ – all seem to embody this new approach to living harmoniously with the planet.  We are seeing films such as “The Power Of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil” and “How To Save The World – One Man, One Cow, One Planet”.

There are even new approaches to technology and energy production being pioneered – for example see the work of Dr. Steven Greer and The Orion Project – http://www.theorionproject.org/.

All in all it does really look like there is something brewing in our society.  Something that is about living in a more connected way, and moving away from separation, disharmony, greed, competition and survival of the strongest.  Instead we are seeing an ongoing growth in people wanting to live in a more aware way with a small footprint on mother earth – a more harmonious and sustainable way of life.

Indeed it has been suggested that humanity is going through its next evolutionary step.  And this time the growth is not on the physical level but instead is about expansion in awareness – growth in consciousness. 

Perhaps we are in fact evolving from Homo sapiens (the thinking human) to Homo spiritus (the conscious spiritual human).  And the massive and accelerating changes going on in the world around us are in fact the fuel for this change.  Surely this is a very positive thing.  A great time to be alive!

In a short article such as this, we can only touch on these important issues.  Have a look at the suggested books and films, do your own research, and most of all think for yourself.  This is our great gift – our reason and our consciousness.

Use them well!


Reprinted by kind permission of The Art Of Healing magazine


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