Tools For Awakening and Self-Healing

Here are some basic understandings and self-care practices which can assist you in your journey into the new times ahead. 

With thanks to Shannon for her input and guidance.


  • “Let each and every thing be in its true frequency, and then all is in peace and harmony”.
  • This is the law of the New Reality and shall be honoured by all – no exception.
  • This Law is about honouring The Sacred in everythings in creation.  Living the reality that all things are of God.
  • It is also about about the importance of allowing everything to exist according to its true nature.
  • When this is done with true unconditional love, it means that we are now living Oneness.



  • Surrender to God and the Divine Plan.
  • Allow all things to unfold naturally.
  • Let the head be handmaiden to the heart.
  • The heart gives you divinely inspired vision.
  • The head sometimes then provides useful tools for putting the vision into practice.
  • The heart has its own consciousness and thinking – let this lead you.
  • Surrender yourself to God’s Guidance.
  • Be a servant of The One.
  • Heal and balance the masculine and feminine within you.
  • Take care with what you expose yourself to – choose what inputs you wish to shower your body and consciousness with. 
  • Flood yourself with that which is life enhancing and promotes the expansion & growth of consciousness.  And keep clear of that which does not promote all this.
  • This includes what environment, work and people you choose to spend time with.
  • God is in all things – look for this, see this and honour this.
  • See The Divine Presence in all beings.  But also see how the outer aspects & personality of the other person are behaving – and act accordingly.
  • All return Home to The Source, to The One – each according to their unique paths.  None are lost or neglected. 
  • And all follow their own particular individual journey – as shaped by their choices (both conscious & from unconscious patterns) & soul experience & divine agreements & life contracts.
  • Allow each being to live according to their own unique path – which is between them and God (and so is none of your business). 
  • Allow all, and then All shall be.
  • Be discerning.
  • Be aware of that which is for you to, and that which is for God.  Ask God to guide you in this.  Leave alone that which is for God to do.  Only concern yourself with that which is your responsibility & that which is for you to do.
  • Open the Christ Heart & activate the God Mind.
  • Christ Heart – a new chakra at the top of the breast-bone.  This gives access to the sea of Christ Consciousness.
  • God Mind – a new chakra at the top of the head.  This is the place to communicate with the Mind of God – the place to receive Divine Knowing.
  • Be multi-dimensional.
  • Anchor yourself in the New Reality – the new matrix of the Fifth Dimension here on Earth.
  • Be grounded.
  • Be self-sovereign.
  • In relationships always stay in self-sovereignty – while you share with each other the cycling flow of energy between the two of you.
  • Give of yourself (in service), but never give yourself away.
  • Always honour your life experience and inner sense of what is right & wrong for you.
  • Have your head in heaven while you have your feet in the clay.
  • Be aware that we have been living in an Age of Darkness (a time of separation, illusion & duality), but we are now returning to an Age of Light. 
  • We are now entering the New Reality of Oneness.  And all this is according to the Divine Plan.
  • Bring to light all aspects of yourself (even the ugly or rejected or painful ones) and welcome all back to your inner family.  Claim all your parts back – past, present & future, and all levels.  This is soul retrieval work.
  • Bring to light all that is hidden, shine The Light on all this, and all becomes Light.  This is the power of the Light of Consciousness.
  • Discover your personal gift(s) and in some way share it with others as a gift of true service.  This is a key part of life.
  • Discover and live your passion – that which warms your heart & nourishes your soul
  • The true purpose of your life is to discover who you really are and to live this in daily life.
  • This is to know that you are God and to walk this on earth’s floor.



Archangel Michael & The Celestial Lights

  • Ask Archangel Michael (or all of the Archangels) to show you in meditation, or in a vision, or in your dreams, that which is truly blocking you.
  • Then notice when you are shown this fully.  It is important that you see this obstruction clearly in full consciousness.
  • Then once you see this fully, call on the Celestial Lights ( a very high new level of angelic assistance) to lift this difficulty from you.
  • Keep a crystal with you as you do all this – to ground you and to connect you with the crystalline light energies.

Bless and Release

  • To release a difficulty or to lift of negativity:
  • Say clearly and with real sincerity “In the name of God The All That Is, I do bless this …… (name of the problem), and I release it ALL to God”.
  • Keep repeating this until you feel a deep release & opening.
  • Sometimes with deep or stubborn issues it is helpful to say “……. And I release it ALL, every level, to God.  I release all levels, past, present, future, cellular, genetic, cell memory, etheric, astral, causal, divine blueprint, karmic, blood family, blood ties, spiritual family, soul connections and spiritual cords, to God The All That Is”.



  • Can be placed on or near the body to promote specific energies & effects – according to the nature of the individual crystal.
  • Can be helpful to meditate with or sleep with a specific crystal which calls you.



  • See the websites and and
  • Liquid crystal colour & aroma therapy – first developed on Atlantis and re-cognised by Vicky Wall.
  • Equilibrium Bottles can be placed on or near the body to promote specific energies & effects – just as with crystals.
  • Pomanders can be sprayed around the room or around your energy field for cleansing & protection.
  • Quintessences can be sprayed around the room or around your energy field to assist you to connect with specific divine, archangelic or ascended master energies.
  • This has been further developed by Pascale Osanz as Spirale – see



  • Can be used in an oil burner to cleanse the environment and promote specific energies.





  • See yourself standing fully in a pillar of Light.
  • The pillar reaches up to God Above in Heaven and down to the core of Mother Earth
  • You are standing in this column of Light with your heart at the very centre of it all.



  • Ask God to gift to you “Intelligent Armouring”.
  • Call on Archangel Michael to Surround You With Invincible Protection.
  • Call on the Four Archangels to Stand All Around You, and above and below you.



  • Aura-Soma sprays.
  • Smudging- with grandfather sage, rosemary, etc.
  • Tidy up & keep it physically clean and tidy.  Keep it spacious, light & “Zen”.



  • Shower twice a day with your head under water.
  • Baths.
  • Foot Baths.
  • Epsom Salts in the bath or footbath can be of great assistance both physically and energetically.  Magnesium is the light bringer & Sulphur is the great scourer, cleanser and purifier. 
  • Smudging – with grandfather sage, rosemary, etc.
  • Unless guided otherwise from Within, avoid drugs and medications which can disturb your energy field and your body. 
  • If the guidance from The Core is to use any such thing, or if guided to eat food which is not usually good for you, you can transmute it to that which is truly right for you, by blessing it.



  • Each day spend time in nature – to ground yourself and so the earth mother can read you & then provide what is needed to nourish you.
  • It can even be useful to urinate or spit on the ground to assist mother earth is reading you.
  • Gardening & growing your own vegetables are very good things.
  • We are to return to live in harmonious alignment with Mother Earth, and to again be conscious stewards of the land.



  • Spend at least 10 minutes twice a day in stillness & silence with your awareness expanded & available to The All.
  • This is crucial.




Flame Body Purifying Meditation

  • In meditation see a flame in your pelvis (at the Hara point or Dan Tian), or in the heart.
  • Focus on your breathing.
  • As you breathe in, see that this nourishes & builds the flame.
  • As you breathe out, let this blow the flame around your body.
  • Each breath builds & fans the flame more and more – until all of you is flame.
  • See that every cell is breathing as you breathe, and that every cell is on fire.
  • A hurricane of flame flows through you
  • Now see that all debris in you and your energy field is now consumed and turned to ash which falls to the ground.
  • Throw all negativity & restriction into this flame.
  • All that is consumed and turned to ash then falls to the earth so as to return to & nourish the Great Mother (mother earth).
  • See that you are now fully light-filled.
  • Now see a blue or white flame (or both) descend from Heaven to surround you and fully protect you.
  • Your flame gradually subsides to a gentle yet powerful glow – and you now return to the world bringing this flame with you.


Wash Yourself With Light

  • In meditation call on God to flood you with Divine Light.
  • Call on Saint Germain to surround you with the Violet Transmuting Flame Of Divine Love.  This changes all that is in your energy field into Divine Light and Love.


Chakra Cleansing

  • Each morning in meditation check on the state of each chakra.  Breath into, give light to & polish any chakra which needs a clean & boost.
  • See Doreen Virtue’s book & CD on chakra cleansing.


Water is the medium to communicate with Spirit

  • Be available to messages & guidance under the shower, in the bathroom & toilet, while swimming, or while in contact with water anywhere.


Ear Candling

  • A good way to help to clear another’s mind and to do some gentle healing.
  • A nice gift of service.


Foot Massage

  • Foot bath followed by massage and application of oils & exfoliants – can also be very relaxing, aligning and gently healing.
  • Another excellent gift of true service which anyone can do.


 Now to enjoy your progress on The Path!

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Frank Woolf | October 26, 2009 at 8:33 pm

Nice start to what looks like the beginnings of a very practical and useful site. I look forward to seeing your updates and blog entries

Christena | August 27, 2010 at 1:49 pm

I agree totally..This is really interesting and uplifting..Thanx so much and keep it up..

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