True Healing

2 April 2005

True Healing is now to be spoken of.

We have come to new great understandings through all the wonders of technology, science and medicine.
Much has been done to help Humanity.

Yet still we suffer.

For medicine has yet to come to the heart of the matter.  For it is indeed The Heart that does matter in it all.  The Heart is the crux of it.  And it is to The Heart that we must now return.

It is in The Heart that we find God.  Here we find our true Essence.  Here we do learn The Truth.  In The Silence that is The Living Heart.  The Christ Heart.

True Healing does come from God.  It is God’s great gift of Grace.
Grace that comes upon us undeserved as It may seem.  Yet given by act of God – as act of compassion for each of us locked in adversity as we do toil in the sufferings of earthly life.  This Gift of Grace
which does uplift us, does heal us, and does transcend the earthly plane to bring us back to Home.  That is to say – to bring us back to living Oneness in the conscious presence of The Divine That Is The All.

We all do come from God.
And it is our certain destiny that we each do return to God as errant children who have lived so many exotic adventures, and gained so much in wisdom, that we do again do come Home once we indeed truly KNOW within the core of our Being that which is the secret gift of Life.  We do come Home again once we see with our very own eyes, the sacred gift which Living truly is.  The sacredness of it is a key – that we do consciously appreciate and honour and ultimately give precedence to life at every waking moment.  And that we do live a life that honours this true knowing.  To live in service to all humanity, to every living being and to this beauteous living planet we do know as Mother Earth.  To live to serve the goodness of which All is made.

This is Truth.

Conscious appreciation of The Divine in all things, and living in each action to honour this noble truth.

We are all of God.
All made of the same stuff.  All thus holy.  And no exceptions to this.

Our task and great challenge is to see this, to know it in our hearts, to truly appreciate it, and to live it in all ways.

By doing so, we ourselves do partake of this holiness, this sacred spark of Life.  And in so doing we ourselves become transformed.  We become uplifted in our hearts and we change.
We change into the likeness of that which is imprinted in the very depths of our hearts – the very secret held within.  We become that which The Bible does tell us so, but which we are ever blinded to.  For it is written that God made us in His Likeness.  And this is truly so.  In our heart of hearts, God has planted His Decree.  Here we find The Sacred we have ever been searching for.  We see God within the very core of ourselves, and this wondrous vision does so engulf us, once truly apprehended, that we are ravished by it, we are possessed by it, and we become transformed into it.  And that very “it” is God indeed.

We do become Christed Ones.

We become one with the plane of the Living Christ.  The Christ that is both God and Man combined.  It is the perfected and God-realised state of the ultimate human being.

This is what true healing is all about.

For the path of healing and the search for God are in essence all the one and the same.

Healing and spiritual fulfilment are all about True Union.  Yoga.  Oneness with The Godhead.

There is no way around this, no avoiding this ultimate fact.

God and Wholeness equate to the same.


So much has been written and talked about on the nature of healing.  Many words, many concepts,
many ideas.  Many partial truths.

Yet the core of the matter is ever so simple.

Return to God in your hearts and in your minds.  Let Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, fill you and transform you as It comes to you.  And  you will be healed.  In all ways you  will be made whole and perfect again.
It is an act of God’s Grace.  And God’s Will can overcome all blocks and oppositions – when it is God’s Truth so to do.

Note also that the timing and manner of such healing, such Gift of Grace, is NOT of our own choosing.
This reunion with The Divine is inevitable for each of us, for it is what we were all created for.  Yet the
return to God’s Heart is God’s to choose – not ours to force.  So we must be patient and surrender to the
Divine Process of it all.

Yet we need not be passive.
Indeed we must not sit and wait Divine Timing with no work or action on our part.  For know well that it is also part of The Creator’s Grand Design that we are to co-create with Him.  That we are to choose, as an act of conscious understanding, to live fully in accord with Natural Law and to live the very essence of the Ten Great Commandments.  We are dictated and designed to work with God and to do our part in the process.  So we must work at it.  We are to make good efforts to live a good and godly life.  To love all things as we love ourselves.  Indeed to love all as we do love God.  And we are to place God before all else, to love and honour God, and to live this truth in daily life.  Such we have been told to do from Old Testament times.  And the message of The Christ does add to this as well – make sure we do love and honour ALL things, all living beings.
For they are all of the same stuff as we – that is God-stuff.  Hence the admonition to love our neighbour,
to act charitably, to be loving and of good grace, in all things that we do.  It is in this way that we do honour
God and love ourselves, for in truth we are all One.

Remember too that God has given us this sacred duty to care for all those who come within our orbit.
To render them true service.  We are in truth designed to be carers for the life in all things.  To nourish, honour and make holy all living things through our own heart-based acts of grace.  In this way we do earn our own gifts of Grace from God.  We do earn this transformation, this salvation, through acts of true service and true caring to those beings under our charge.  And our hearts do tell us who is under our wing.  We hear this message as the still small voice of conscience uttered in our quietest moments deep within our souls.  The knowing of it is truly within us – we have but to stop and listen.

And we must do this service as an act of love.  Unconditional no-strings-attached gifts of love.  A great challenge this may be.  For we all have ego-based needs and wants, and fears and hopes.  Life teaches us to accept such things but not be bound by them.  We rise to higher things yet not neglecting our very human selves too.  So it is a great journey to come to this special place of true giving in service of The Divine.  It is a very open and heart-based thing to do.  Very nourishing of those we care for.  And very life-giving and fulfilling for ourselves also.

So in this we may come to take our rightful place in God’s Grand Design.  Through our own acts of true service, stemming from our own search for inner healing, and which does inevitably bring us back to God, we open our hearts and embrace the Truth that we human beings are indeed conscious mediators between Heaven and Earth.  Through our acts of love and service and conscious appreciation, hard won through ages long of suffering and of trials, we have come to know the sacred gift that Life is really so.  And in this way our hearts are opened to God, our minds given forth to act as tools for God’s True Work, and our very
souls laid bare.  In this state of conscious openness to All That Is, we are ready to receive God and all the
gifts of Grace that He bestows, into our hearts and into our lives.  And when God is ready and wills it so, so it happens.  The Dove of Grace descends upon us, the Holy Spirit is visited upon us.
And we are healed.  Transformed.  Made pure and complete again.

And in this way we are indeed home again.  Home in the Heart of God.  In Heaven.
Living in truth that Heaven is come to Earth.

Truly in this way, the Kingdom of Heaven is before us and we may enter It.

That is when we have done the necessary soul work, honoured our debts, living a life of true and loving service, with God as our guide, so we may be truly healed and live again in the Paradise that Earth is meant to be.

Blessings to you all that have listened to these words and taken them to heart.

Be true and receive the gifts of Heaven as reward from One who is The Christ.


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