The Truth Of Cancer

June 2011

From a Vision given by GOD some 12 years ago.

The origins of this terror afflicting humanity relate to events from ancient times indeed.

In times long past, beings from another universe entirely were able to enter our own universe by way of a portal behind the Crab Nebula.  Know that their universe had a very different set of rules from our niverse.
Most especially the Law Of One was not part of their reality.  These beings followed well their own Laws and have continued so to do right through to the present time.

Yet these rules of theirs cause great discord and disturbance in our own universe.

We know these foreign ones as Dark Lords From Another Realm.

They did spread in ancient times indeed through our various galaxies and set up as their “offspring” so to speak the various forms of reptilian and dinoid and Annunaki and “dark energy” groupings as agents of
chaos in our universe.  The so-called Children Of The Darkness battled and raged their way through many parts of our domain, causing strife and chaos in their wake.  Yet know that these ones from another realm were staying true to the laws of their own universe – yet they were in the wrong place in ours.

Understand that this seeming invasion from outside was allowed by The Divine Plan In Action, as a means of triggering and even causing certain key aspects of the evolutionary process in our own universal realm.  Put simply, seeming “evil” was allowed to flourish because in fact it served the greater good in our realm indeed!

So the Dark Lords From Another Realm did encounter a planet Kankeros in the Crab Nebula.
Here they found most beautious frond-like beings – seemingly a cross between tree ferns and sea anemones.
Yet the Dark Ones were intent on shifting all from its true place and distorting frequencies away from truth – for they were indeed agents of chaos.

So the Dark Ones tore the beautiful Frond Beings from their home and dragged them off to other planets and other races, in order to create a double imprisonment.

What was done was terrible in the extreme.

These lovely Frond Beings were imprisoned in the hearts of other beings through cages of great fear erected around them.  Huge walls of terror and darkness kept the Frond Beings locked away in other sentient creatures.  A double abomination – for both the new “host” and the Frond Being were enslaved and imprisoned in agony and despair.  All were far from their true home.

And so the Law Of One was greatly and doubly dishonoured.

The imprisoned Frond Beings caused great sickness and cell growth disturbance to their unwilling hosts, and so cancer was born.  That which is a disease of uncontrolled and destructive cell growth has come upon us all, across many planets and places of life.

And so since these ancient times indeed the curse of cancer has been with us.


And yet it is now time to heal these ancient wrongs arising from the workings of Chaos.

It is a time to free ourselves of the curse of cancer, and at the same time to set these beautiful creatures free from their prisons within us, that they may return home.

Thus the Law Of One will come into true honouring.  “Allow each and every thing to be in its true frequency, and thus does come all to peace and harmony.”

To set these Beings free and at the same time to heal ourselves of cancer, all we need to do is firstly to see the truth of what has happened.  That this Cancer Life-form is truly a valid life form in itself – it is simply chained in the wrong place and thus does cause great disturbance to itself, and to its unwilling host.

Then the key is to break down the walls of fear within yourself that have kept the prison standing.

Do this through understanding and true compassion – both for yourself and for the prisoner within.

Now find the Love Within – that which GOD does grace us with.

Let this Love Divine flow to yourself and to the Frond Being held in chains.

And let Love set you both free – so that both of you may now return to your True Homes in peace and perfect aligning.

Thus The Law Of One is again restored in its entirety.


And of course should you need help along the way in this simple yet profound setting free of two prisoners – yourself and the Frond Being – call on the Great Ones Of The Light to come to your aid and assist the process.

Most specifically are available Archangel Michael, The Council Of The Law Of One, and also The Christ Presence known as Jesus Of Nazareth.

Call on any of these Ones to assist in this great release.  For all are available to help.


It is truly thus a time to restore the Law Of One as an act of Greatest Love.  True Service.


Let Joy Be Done In All Realms.




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