True Relationship – Mutuality


Know that I, Christ Jesus, do tell Thee all this night of the Wesak fullest moon about a Blessed Truth of Christ Consciousness.

For in truth that sweetest Golden Ray of Christ Consciousness does now spread greatly forth, more fully than ever was before.  And so The Blessed Peace and Love Most Compassionate of this Golden Sea of Light does now spread forth indeed.

And now you see, a key and fundamental Truth of Golden Consciousness of The Christ is given forth indeed.  For it is The Truth that as you see The Christ in each and every Soul you meet then so you be The Christ yourself.  And to be The Christ is to partake of The Holy Love that is The Crown and Glory of Compassions’s Peace and Joy.  To be The Christ is to be risen to highest Seeing of The Blessed Light of Love in each and every Created Being no matter what they seem to be or wear or do or even make on Earth.
For as you see The Christ in others, so you see The Truth you are.

For as you call forth The Christ in all, you thus do raise yourself also to highest Light and Love which is The Christ of You.

And in this is given the Sacred Key of Blessed Mutuality, of also of truest Intimacy. Ascend indeed to The Sea of Christ Light – join indeed
that Wondrous Sea of Consciousness as you do see The Christ in all, yourself included so.  And then as you see that all of you are One and The Same Most Blessed Light, and none are excluded in truth from this, so you see that all of you are thus indeed of Christed Ones.

All of you are Holy.

All of you are Christ’s Dear Light.

All of you are children of Dear GOD.  And all of you are One.

And thus being One, there is but One Simple Truth to connect to any other Dear Being.  And it is this – open you Heart to yourself and see The Christ in you and thus love yourself as GOD does love you.  And then do look upon The Other with Open Heart and GOD’s Love and so see The Christ in Other One indeed.  And as The Two of you do stand with open Hearts and Highest Love of each to the other,
so you do stand in your own true strength of Self and you do allow The Other to also be of True Self, and still further you do join each with Mutual Honour and Love and in closest Intimacy.  For The Two of you do stand together

Self to Self,

Christ to Christ,

Human Being to

Human Being.

And in this is the greatest Truth as you do connect to others.  The Key is Mutuality.
That is be The Christ in you, and allow The Other to be The Christ also. And thus so join together as Christ to Christ and be in The Sea Of Golden Light of Christ yet also being fully thy Individuality in joining, but never in separateness indeed.
And in this Mutuality work together in GOD’s Service to spread The Light of Christ to each and every Being on Mother Earth’s Floor.

This Mutuality of joining Christ to Christ does give true Intimacy and it is The Blessed Key indeed to live in Holy Relationships and thus together to work for GOD.  And as together you do support each other, but never losing your Self in The Other, so you do greatly enhance the work that each of you does do in Name of GOD, you see.  In truth, the sum of The Two of You is indeed much greater than the individual parts of each of You.  For you see, it is The Destiny of Human Ones given forth by GOD’s Decree, that you do need each other and in your relating, most especially joining as Christ to Christ, you do greatly expand The Work of Light which you can do.

Thus so connect and join with your Blessed Brethren in all the myriad ways of relations-ships and so do work together joined in The Sea of Christ to do of Heaven’s Work indeed on Great Earth’s Floor, you see.  And know that all forms of your human relating do give great benefit and pleasure indeed to GOD.  And know indeed that these do include The Friendships, The Workmates, The Partnerships of all types, The Consortships, and most especially The Holy Marriages blessed by GOD indeed!

For these Marriages in GOD’s Sight are The Highest Joining of Man and Woman in committed Truth and of mutual support as each does service The Other as well as serve The Self.
And most especially do These Married Couples join in The Name of Love and so be Christ to Christ and thus do help to raise Each Other to Highest Blessed Realm of Light which is The Golden Sea of Christ!


And now Dear Ones, you have The Key to raising each to Realm of Light which is That Sea of Golden Ray that is the new revealed Truth of  Consciousness which is THE CHRIST!

So now farewell and Love to you all!  Know well indeed that I, Christ Jesus, do worship in The Light of you all.  For I do see The Christ in you, and you, and each and every dearest one that is of Human kind.

See also The Christ in The Heart of You, and yes The Christ in Hearts of all, I WHO AM CHRIST JESUS DO INVITE THEE ALL.

And now Farewell

In Love,





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