A Message From Jesus The Christ On Good Friday 2012

On Good Friday 2012 Jesus The Christ appeared to me and told me that:

During his “missing years” he travelled to Egypt where he became an initiate in the Mystery School of Horus, to northern Gaul (France) and southern England (including at Stonehenge) where he trained as a Druid, and he journeyed to India where he sat at the feet of a sage.

Jesus did indeed marry Mary Magdalene (an initiate of Isis) and they had children.

(My Note:  The sense I got of this was that it was not a “conventional marriage” but was a high spiritual union).

Joseph of Arimathea took some of the items from the Last Supper, including a bowl that Jesus used, plus some of Jesus’s family / descendants to southern England – for a time these material items were kept at Glastonbury Abbey.  Joseph took these human and material treasures to England primarily because Jesus was an initiated Druid there.

(My Note:  Joseph was also a merchant and the tin trade was very active with an easy route to travel from Cornwall in England to the Mediterranean – Joseph would have been familiar with England from this trade).

There is some truth in the “Holy Blood Line” idea.  However these children of Jesus were NOT the True Grail.

(My Note: This is referring to the idea that the medieval French name for the Grail “san greal” or “san graal” is actually a confusion for “sang real” – “Royal Blood”).

However it is true that some of the descendants of Jesus stayed in France and that the Merovingian kings of France were descended from these children.  But it is NOT for the current descendants of Jesus from this lineage to come forth now in any significant way – they are not to be “New Messiahs” nor are they to challenge the Church or lead humanity.

The True Grail was indeed buried at the site of the later Temple Mount  (My Note: site of the  second Temple of Solomon)  and was later uncovered by the Knights Templar when they dug there – as in the story of the original nine knights led by Hugues de Payens who found the Grail and then founded the Order Of The Knights Templar.

This True Grail was fundamentally a very powerful instrument of materialised Divine Light – it took the form of a dish with a great white light in it.

The True Grail was later taken by the Templars firstly to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland then by boat to North America, around the times of the Templar persecution  (My Note: circa 1314)  – where it is still guarded in secret by Templar descendants.  It will be brought forward when the time is right.

The Sinclair (or St. Clair) family had built the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland where many Templars settled after the Templar persecution.  There are still some important keys and records about the Grail at Rosslyn Chapel.

This Grail also had resonances with the Ark Of The Covenant, in that the Grail and the Ark were of the same essence and of very similar powers.  Along with the Grail Light there were also a great number of ancient secrets in the Grail treasure found at Temple Mount – hidden knowledge and information on technologies encoded in parchments from the earliest Egyptian mystery school.  There was also the prosaic horde of gold and other such physical treasures – which helped the original nine Knights Templar set up a large and powerful brotherhood.


Temple Mount in Jerusalem – site of the Temple Of Solomon and headquarters of the Knights Templar:


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