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Kirlian photo of a healer's hand



Kirlian photo of a healer's hand

An Approach To Spirit-Mind-Body Medicine

Here is an effective model for practising “spirit-mind-body medicine”. 

This approach has been useful across a broad range of issues which people bring to the practice – ranging from simple localised problems such as a recurring sinus problem, through complex chronic even illness and even advanced terminal disease, to intense emotional or spiritual issues about life.


An Understanding Of The Human Organism

The Human Being is made up of a number of components, all of which are important in the makeup of the whole organism. 

And of course the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

To understand and appreciate and work with the Human Being it is valuable to focus down to look at the individual parts, and also to broaden out to see the overview and essence of the totality – the unique Human Being.

 This comes together in a model of the “Complete Human Being”.

 You could see the human being as a Two-Dimensional triangle within a circle.

  • The triangle represents what we would normally identify as “within ourselves”.
  • This triangle would therefore include the physical body, all personality aspects, and the subtle energetic and spiritual levels of ourselves.
  • The circle represents that part of “the outside world” which in fact is ours – our own personal bit of the outer world which is a unique universe in itself, and which mirrors that which is within us.
  • This would include the physical and social environments, the world of nature, the concept of Mother Nature herself, and The Divine Source that is present everywhere (in whatever way we may understand this).

 Alternatively this idea can be visualised as a Three-Dimensional pyramid within a sphere.

  • The pyramid represents the crystalline structure of our makeup, and is a shape which resonates with and amplifies life energy.
  • The sphere represents the totality and oneness of our world.


The components of the Complete Human Organism are:


The Physical and Natural Environment

This includes the world of nature around us, and which can be potently nourishing and healing for us.  Remember the old saying “Nature is the greatest healer.”

It also includes the physical world we live in – which is often in a home and city surrounded by all sorts of pollution, stress and busy-ness.

Traditional cultures often place great emphasis on the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy natural environment around you, in order to promote health and happiness.


The Family Environment

This is the world of our family life – our birth family, the family we may marry into and also the family we create with a spouse and children.

It is our blood family, the ties of blood, and our inheritance.

It also includes what we inherit from our families and culture/race – both genetic inheritance, and also family and cultural generational learning.


The Social and Cultural Environment

This is the broader society we fit into – workmates, friends, hobbies, clubs, social groups, our specific cultural and racial connections.


The Physical Body

This is the body we are most familiar with and which is most focused on in therapies – both medical and alternative/complementary.

The physical body is certainly the earthly foundation for the whole being, and so it is always worth paying attention to getting it into good order early on in the treating and healing process.  Be mindful that the goal here is usual about restoring good function.  It is usually not necessary to aim for physical perfection – in fact such a pursuit can cause many problems, and shift the focus away from the core levels of the process which are the inner aspects of the human being.


The Emotions

This is the world of our feelings and emotional states.

It is strongly connected with our subconscious processes, and can potently control our experience of daily life.

It can create problems if we go to extremes with our emotional life – either trying to suppress our emotions, or indulging them and letting them run our lives.

The answer lies much more in finding balance and a calm centre amidst all the emotional turmoil.  It is like trying to ride a wild bucking horse, and ultimately learning to guide it.

Psychology, counselling, meditation, hypnotherapy, body therapies, yoga, flower essences, homoeopathy and healing (particularly reiki and pranic healing) are useful tools at this level.


The Mind

This is the world of the intellect – the rational thinking mind.  Such things as logic, calculation, analysis and synthesis, concentration and memory.

The same sorts of tools as those for the emotions are often useful here.

In addition, an emphasis on cognitive strategies, affirmations, and also the physical therapies of yoga, tai chi and qigong are often particularly helpful.


The Spiritual Level

This is commonly looked at as the inner level of the person.

It used to be strictly the province of the church, but these days it is open to us all.

It is the place of the big life issues such as: Who am I?  Is there a God?  Is there life after death?  Is there a soul?  What is the point of my life?  Where have I come from, and where am I going?

It is also about the search for fulfillment and meaning, connectedness and love.

It also relates to the unseen subtle levels of ourselves – our energy body or bodies, the astral body, and the soul or spirit, in whatever way these are understood by the individual.  This is the realm where spiritual healing and spiritual counselling can have a potent benefit.


The Personality Self

This is the combination of bodies which together make up that which we call “myself”.

It is really the combination of the physical, emotional and mental bodies, along with some aspects of the spiritual body.  These add together to produce the “incarnational vehicle”, the suit we wear for this lifetime on Earth.  As part of this personality self, the Ego or little self appears – the “me” of daily life experience.


Inner Being

Beyond all the other bodies, there is a place within each of us of pure consciousness, of pure awareness, the space of knowing.  It is the true core of ourselves, the divine aspect of each of us.  It is the space where we say “I am” from.  This is the True Self.

It is the fragment of God within each of us, like a precious gem waiting to be found and to be brought into the light of day to be polished and cherished.

Connecting with this Inner Consciousness is crucial.  This level can override all others and important shifts at this level can result in seemingly miraculous healings, such as spontaneous remission of illness, even of such things as cancer.  Allowing of course that such a healing is in accordance with the person’s unique life journey and soul purpose. 

In fact you could say that the process of life is all about developing the connection with Inner Being and living it each day.  This is what the ancient practice of Yoga was all about – union with the Divine, and so transcending our experience of daily life.


Wholistic Healing

For true health and for any form of therapy or healing to be really effective, we have to pay attention to each and every level of the Human Being. 

We need to correct any areas where there is weakness or disturbance, while we also draw on the strengths and resources held in healthy well functioning levels of the Human Being. 

And of course we must pay careful attention to the synthesis of all these details into the totality of the wonderful unique individual Human Being.

The fundamental aim is to assist the person to fulfil their potential, to live as a conscious integrated being, and to follow their soul purpose as it arises for them.

Along the way all life experiences become grist for the mill of evolving as a complete person.  There are never mistakes – only experiences which enrich one’s wisdom.  We learn and grow through both success and failure, and through pain and suffering, as well as through love and joy.

This is true whole person healing.




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Christena | August 28, 2010 at 6:38 am

Love it!!!!!!!! Connecting with the Universal Consciousness is my ultimate desire and I’m trying everyrthing I know to Gain it..So thanx for the imput.Blessings to ya.

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