Crop Circle for 2012

Crop Circle for 2012

As an overview on what is happening now, here are a few words to set the scene:

It has been foretold that this is a time of great change – a time of creating a magnificent new world.  First we go through a time of breakdown and revolution – both inner and outer.  We are certainly in the midst of this.

Islands of Light develop in pockets around the planet to help anchor the new world.  People who are aware of the need for living sustainably in harmony with the earth and in conscious community with each other, form these pockets of Light.  These islands then connect to each other to form a grid of Light around mother earth and so assist her movement to a higher consciousness.

This is happening right now.

The theme of the current times is co-creating a new conscious human society based on Living Oneness.  And so we assist Mother Earth in her ascension to becoming a new Star Nation.  In this way we become a wondrous place to show how all the diversity of life can live together in true harmony in Light and Love.  Demonstrating the fundamental truth that we are living with The Source, one and many all at the same time.

We are now entering The Fifth Dimension – Heaven on Earth.

The Third Dimension is our old physical world, and The Fourth Dimension is The Astral Realm.

The “New Reality To Come” is also known as “The Next (Seventh) Golden Age” or as “Heaven Come To Earth” – and this is what we are helping to create.

Earth is entering The Photon Belt (which occurs every 13,000 years) as we orbit around the Central Sun of The Pleiades (Alcyon) every 26,000 years.  The Photon Belt floods us with Light (both physical and spiritual), and this stimulates the shift in consciousness for humanity and for Mother Earth from third to fifth dimensionality.  This flood of Light occurs every 13,000 years and sparks great changes in society.

This 26,000 year cycle is fuelled by the Photon Belt as a physical light, which is also a manifestation of the divine spiritual light emanating from The Source.  It is also the 26,000 year cycle of the Earth’s orbit around the galactic centre (precession) – which is the dark area in the centre of the Milky Way known in ancient Egypt as The Duart – the gateway to Heaven situated near Orion’s belt.

We are also coming upon a great nodal point as Earth aligns with the Sun and the Galactic Centre and is flooded by huge energies at the December Solstice of 2012.  Time is also collapsing around the nodal point of 2012.  As has been foretold we will enter a “New World”.

All is in accordance with God’s grand design.  This is the Divine Plan in action.

Are you called to be of service to humanity and Mother Earth?  Do you feel the deep soul urge to be a conscious agent for The One in manifesting The New World Of Living Oneness?

If so, then welcome!

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Donna Storey | November 15, 2009 at 12:32 pm

Yes, I definitely feel this “soul urge” as I’m madly packing and tying up the loose ends here on the Sunshine Coast so I can relocate to Victoria. I almost feel a desperation to begin my work in waking up the “sleepwalkers” and anchoring the light. The funny thing is I’m not sure how to do this or what is going to happen so I’m fumbling around in a whirl of chaos. All I know is that “all will unfold as it should”.
Blessings to all.

Rev'd Malcolm A Black | September 5, 2010 at 8:07 pm

Something made me look for a site that was nearer to my home in South Australia where I could possibly be face to face with a fellow teacher. I am a esoteric Priest and life long member of AMORC and a guest lecturer for them on esoteric subjects such the Hollow Earth and the esoteric meaning of 2012 etc. I found your site to be the most informative in its content. People are aware a change is happening now as time speeds up but do not know why.

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