Mother Earth’s Ascension and Our Journey Home


The Last Golden Age occurred in Lemuria (founded 900,000 years ago when Humanity was reseeded onto this earth from the Syrian and Lyran/Vega star systems), and ceased 26,000 years ago when Atlantis destroyed her.

Prior to this there had first been an etheric/angelic guardian species on earth beginning 35 million years ago, and then a reptoid/dinoid group joined them peacefully about 26 million years ago.

Subsequently an intelligent native-born pre-cetacean species (humanoid land-based fully conscious whale & dolphin-like species) evolved on the planet and lived in harmony with the other groups.  Thus Earth was a showcase planet in the Galaxy to demonstrate how different life-forms could live together in peace and harmony.  We will be this again soon – in an enriched form.

Our Earth, whilst in a remote and insignificant arm of the Milky Way galaxy, is in fact one of the key nodal points in this created universe and so holds great significance. What occurs here on Earth ripples out and has profound effects throughout our galaxy.

As we on Earth return form darkness to The Light, so this flows out to assist the unfolding of Oneness Consciousness throughout so many other worlds.


10 million years ago war-like reptilians invaded our solar system, and were finally cleared from this region some 2 million years ago by the angelic and pre-cetacean groups, in conjunction with other Light-filled star beings.

6 million years ago Humanity developed on Vega (a star system in the constellation of Lyra) – initially as a higher primate form.  By request of the angelic & pre-cetacean groups on Earth, the planetary guardians of Vega allowed intervention to greatly speed up the evolution of humans into a fully conscious species (along lines somewhat similar to the Monolith in the films “2001” and “2010”).

The Human species then spread to Sirius and The Pleiades, and finally to Earth about 4 million years ago.

From that time, Hyperbornea (Hyperborea) flourished as a high consciousness civilisation on the great land mass in the northern region of this planet as the first true Human civilization on Earth, but it was brutally destroyed by the reptilians 1 million years ago.

The Galactic Federation then drove off these reptilian invaders but not until Mars and Venus had been ravaged, and the planet Marduk/ Maldek/Bellona between Mars & Jupiter had been destroyed. This destroyed planet  became what we currently call the asteroid belt.

And the human group on Earth was destroyed. A time of “Star Wars” indeed.

Humanity then returned to Earth from Sirius and Vega, via the great staging post at Mu, to found the glorious civilization of Lemuria 900,000 years ago on Earth.

And so The Last Golden Age took place on Earth.  This pure and noble civilization flourished on a great continent in The Pacific Ocean (the south-eastern sea-border of Australia is a remnant of this marvellous land – as are the islands of Hawaii and Fiji).

The Lemurian people were only half manifest on the dense earthly realm.  They still had a significant etheric essence, and lived in conscious harmony with the planet and all her life forms.  Many of these people were semi-transparent and had a blue colouring to them.  Lemurian humans were not fixed in rigid structures – in fact they were able to change their form at will. People had both sexes within them, although some chose to preferentially express one sex for a time, or even throughout their long lifetimes. Beautiful liquid crystalline workings were done, along with harmonious directing of vibrant life energies.  Much of this seemed to be organic plant-style growth, and harmonious directing of natural energies.  Conscious Earth Magic in action.  People lived in extended tribal or clan groupings, and were one with The Source.  Consciousness and symbiotic connections were prized. The purpose of life was fundamentally to express Joy in the Creator in all its multitude possibilities, and to act as a conscious bridge between Heaven and Earth as stewards of the land (along with the cetaceans as stewards of the oceans).

Atlantis was then founded as a daughter colony of Lemuria on a great continent in The Atlantic Ocean around 500,000 years ago, and at first was also a great civilization.

Other peace-loving beautiful daughter colonies of Lemuria were established in northern India & China (centred around modern-day Tibet or Shangri-La – the Rama and Yu empires), around Greece & Crete (the Ionian culture), in Egypt, and in the central Americas and the Andes mountains.

The Atlanteans prized the intellect and their accomplishments – under the influence of the nature of the land they were living on, and of the different space beings visiting them.  At first they were wonderful priest-scientists, expressing a glorious balance of true spirituality guiding the most wonderful scientific researches & accomplishments.

In fact Atlantis was star seeded not just by people from Sirius, but also by beings from other groupings such as Pleiadeans and Centaurians (from Alpha Centauri) – places where civilisation was modelled not on the Lyran / Sirian ideal of clans of equals & where people moved into and out of roles on the basis of the task at and and who was best fitted to focus what was to be done, but on hierarchical models of varying structural rigidity (where some were superior to others, and specific fixed roles were assigned).

The Atlanteans developed wonderful technologies – many of them crystal based.  They were great builders, loving pyramidal structures.  They also loved working with powerful energies, and shaping great changes & improvements for the earth.  Technology and power were prized.  The Atlanteans were the first humans to fully and completely manifest on the physical earth plane.

They later introduced fixed sexuality and even separated souls into twin flames.

However the Atlanteans became too fascinated in their scientific accomplishments and they became closed-hearted – preferring The Intellect to The Heart.  And so they lost sight of GOD.


The Fall occurred on Atlantis some 26,000 years ago, when it was infiltrated by reptilian Dark Lords who came from another realm via the Crab Nebula & The Pleiades.  These Dark Lords seduced humanity with promises of power and wealth through the use of intellect and ego over the heart.  They introduced rigid hierarchical controlled structures to society, and elevated the intellect and the technology which the rational logical mind can produce, to the level of godhood.  They became servants of the ego.

As a result the Atlanteans turned on their mother Lemuria, thinking they could do better and that Lemuria no longer deserved to exist at all.  And so Atlantis destroyed Lemuria by causing a moon to fall into her.

This Fall caused great confusion and introduced the curses of fear, separation, aloneness and illusion to humanity.  People acted from blindness and grabbed power from each other through manipulation and control games, because they had been cut off from their own true source of power – which is Oneness with GOD.  Indeed humanity had lost sight of GOD.

However before Lemuria was destroyed, many Lemurians were able to escape, taking their wisdom and accomplishments with them.  Some went into space to other planets with their Sirian space brothers.  Others went down into the Earth and established the civilisation of Shambhala in the great spaces within Mother Earth.

Then on late Atlantis came breeding experiments, gene manipulation, implants, heavy metal encodings, and vivisection as scientists tried to produce a subhuman slave race to serve them.  This resulted in the mutation of humanity physically & spiritually into a stunted & crippled form.

Then finally Atlantis sank under the weight of her abuses and misuse of power & crystal technologies nearly 13,000 years ago, as she fought a war with the Ionians and lost.  She too was sunk by a moon pulled down on her on the same date as Lemuria sank – All Soul’s Night (Halloween).  And now the stunting of humanity was worsened due to the genetic effects of excessive solar & cosmic radiation caused by the partial destruction of The Firmament around the earth when Atlantis sank.  So The Fall of humanity into darkness & unconsciousness was complete.  Under the hands of the remnant Atlantean dark overlords (“god kings”), daughter colonies spread out from Atlantis taking this disease of separation from Oneness & fear-based hierarchical control around the globe, and building great dominating empires in Egypt, Greece, China / India and South America.  Strife and warfare reigned supreme.  Thus came the “Wars Of The Gods” in the ancient epics.  These great kingdoms escalated their conflict to such a degree using thermo-nuclear and light weapons, that finally they accidentally destroyed the remnant of The Firmament (a great protective ice layer in the atmosphere), and so caused The Great Flood 10,000 years ago.  The resulting bombardment of solar radiation, the destabilisation of the earth’s weather system, and the trauma of The Flood, all further stunted and reduced humanity to our current level of darkness, depravity, fear and violence.  And so this has continued to the present day.

But all this is now changing as we reawaken and co-create with the Source, the New Reality of “Heaven Come To Earth” with the Great Shift Of Ages in the phase from 2000 to 2012.  We are being assisted in these changes by Earth’s Ascended Master and angelic groupings, as well as by our Space Brothers.  Heaven is sending many Light-filled beings to incarnate on this planet as The Star Children – today’s new light-filled beings who directly embody the The Light in its various frequencies. The ancient Lemurians are also returning to help us – both those who left with our Space Brothers and are now returning, and also those who went underground to the ancient civilisation of Shambhala, and who kept the light of Truth and Oneness alive within the core of Mother Earth.

For more information see Sheldan Nidle’s work in the “Links and Resources” section, and Lucy Cavendish’s book “The Lost Lands”. Also see the book “Indigo Children and Cheeky Monkeys” by Scott Alexander King for information about The New Children.



The Laws of The Old Reality were:  Ego, Fear, Control, Separation, Illusion, Duality, Pain and Suffering.

The Purpose of Life in The Old Reality was to evolve as a more spiritual being through experience, pain and suffering over many lifetimes in order to come closer to GOD – but never to actually be one with The Divine.


The Laws of The New Reality are:  Oneness;  Be One with GOD;  See GOD in all things;  Be Love, Wisdom and Power;  Embrace all things even the negative for they are all of GOD;  live by surrender & allowing;  and let Inner Being move you to do whatever is true at The Core.

The new Life Purpose is for each of us to live as GOD walking now on Earth manifested in human form, and live to be of service to The Divine Plan, to GOD, to Humanity and to Mother Earth.

THE LAW OF ONE is the fundamental law of the New Reality.  It says “Allow each and every thing to be in its’ true frequency, and then all is in peace and harmony.”

Allowing, surrender to GOD’S Will, living to serve the Greater Good, and actively living the Truth of the Heart are keys.


We are currently living in times of transition between The Old Reality and The New Reality.  Hence both the old and the new matrixes are present to varying degrees, but neither is fully available.  We can choose to be focussed on either one or the other matrix, but not both.  We can also be anchored in the New Reality while having a “storefront” at the dimensional border so as to assist those who are genuinely seeking to move upwardly.

We are moving through various stages of awareness as a total group. Part of this process were the gateways of the 11:11 activation talked about by Solara and others.  This part of the process of activating pre-encoded patterns of Light in the DNA of various of us incarnated Star Seeds, was completed at the end of 2012.

Along the way there are increasing upheavals in our social fabric and also in the fabric of our planet earth (earth changes), as well as in our individual bodies, minds & energy systems, as we all realign to the new levels of light and of consciousness which are awakening for us. The massive wave of solar flares from 2013 to 2015 assisted in bringing forth these changes by flooding us with both spiritual and physical Light from the Sun.

Allowing that humanity en masse has chosen to take a slower route with these changes, things are unfolding more slowly and gently than previously predicted. This may be frustrating for some of us, but it does allow for the changes to progress in a much less painful & sudden way. This gives the bulk of humanity much more time to integrate the floods of Light and to move upwardly without dramatic chaos, pain or loss of life.

During these change times there is ongoing assistance from the Ascended Masters (especially Jesus The Christ / Sananda, Mother Mary, Mary The Magdalene, and St. Germain), from the Angelic, Devic and Elemental realms, from Mother Earth herself, from the Space Brothers, and from Incarnated Light Beings (the New Children).

During the time phase from 2013 to 2015 there has been much purifying and integrating of the massive floods of Light which manifested spiritually on 21 December 2012.

2015 has brought us the rebirth of Christ Consciousness in the hearts and minds of all beings on this planet with the seeding of Christ Consciousness in us all at the Blood Moon Eclipse at Easter 2015, followed by the activation of this precious gift with the final Blood Moon Eclipse in September 2015.

Now in 2016 we have swiftly entered the phase of manifesting Light on this planet – not to the fullest extent possible, but making a powerful & tangible impact on our lives for the better, both personally and globally.

And so the Advance of the Light continues forward into 2017 and beyond.

This is all in accordance with The Divine Plan, and everything is on track.

Starbeing - Jow
A Starbeing – Jow – as he appeared to the artist in November 2009 with a message that he and many other Starbeings are here now to assist us. Simply call to our Star Brethren and they will support us.

29 Comments for Mother Earth’s Ascension and Our Journey Home

Christena | August 27, 2010 at 1:34 pm

I think Im beginning to understand exactly what your talking…Thanx!!!!

Maurice | November 25, 2010 at 11:40 pm

How does one break free of the veil after awakening? If we are still stuck in 3d,4d. How do we get the DTC,IRS,CAFR dividends to be distributed for abundant living? Even though we come from abundance it gets cold with no power.

RALPH REPLIES – A very good point. We are in a time of profound transition. It matters to hold true to the vision of the highest possibilities in our hearts, and to then allow the outer world to unfold in its own time and in its own way. Remember there is a Divine Process in action – and this overcomes all else.
We can help to influence the form and timing of the changes by what we as a powerful group of Light Workers hold to. Our vibration then spreads out and helps influence what is unfolding.
The more of us who do this, the more potent the effect.
Remember that life-enhancing and Light-filled energies potently outweigh negative energies.
And Yes – we must all allow the unfolding of the Divine Plan according to God’s Will, not ours!
Keep the faith, and know that over time the True Light and those who live it (as best they can), prevail.
This is all in accord with The Divine Plan.

iterran | April 27, 2011 at 7:23 am

Hey there Ralph, very nice entry i must say, found it very interesting. To be honest from all of the articles that i have read so far on this topic is this one probably the most complex and enlightening one. But i still must ask, like i said i have read several similar articles on the same topic, even a few translations and even though they have all something in common yet they all differ. Like 4 example, somewhere i have read that Lemurians were actually the ones of Reptilian race and the Atlanteans were human race or better say a mixture of extraterestials and that they fought among each other because they were entirely different culturally with different principles, Then Atlanteans destroyed Lemuria with their sonic weaponry allegedly and that few of the Reptiles fortunately or not went underground and were tryin’ for dominion over the Earth ever since. Creating secret societies such as Illuminati. So please set me right. How many races are there underground? Cause’ i have heard that there are several Reptilian types living underground, not all of ’em hostile and that they are actually fightin’ amongst each other. Also i would like to know what is your source of information. I’m sorry if you’ve already mentioned it on your site, this is the first article that i went for but i will study your website more. So i;m lookin’ 4ward to hear from you soon, take care Iterran

ralph | May 12, 2011 at 9:57 pm

Thanks Iterran.
All I can give you is my version of the earth’s past history – this comes primarily from my own memories.
I would also say that Sheldan Nidle has things pretty right – his book “Your First Contact” and his DVD ‘Lemuria” give useful information and can be obtained from
Lemurians were originally star-seeded humans from Sirius and Vega in the constellation of Lyra. That’s where my origins are – and I have ongoing connections there.
The Atlanteans were a mixed group of humans from Lemuria, plus other humans from Alpha-Centauri, and some renegade Pleiadeans. They also had interactions with some reptilian and dark lord groups – and that’s where the problems came in.
Interesting how whatever you read seems to have the story of who’s who back-to-front, or at the very least it’s pretty confused. Maybe it depends on who is writing it and where their sympathies lie.
I am happy to make clear where my connections are – to Sirius, Vega and the Galactic Federation, as well as to various Ascended Masters (especially Saint Germain, Jesus The Christ and Kuthumi – Mother Mary and Mary of Magdala / The Magdalen have been coming in more recently) and to the Four Archangels.
It is true that the Atlanteans destroyed Lemuria – I remember this. Then The Fall occurred on Atlantis when dark forces totally over-ran that previously great civilisation – this too I remember. Atlantis in her turn was destroyed by a remnant post-Lemurian group from around ancient Greece.
The subsequent planetary wars caused The Great Flood and the final shutting down of humanity’s consciousness – from which we are only just recovering now.
Various secret societies then tried to keep The Light alive on earth – some held true to the ancient principles, while others fell into vice and darkness. The Illuminati were one group to grow out of this – they were a mix of both light and dark forces, but always battling with ego issues.
In fact some of the light side of the Illuminati are now releasing ancient knowledge – see the website

Regarding underground races, there are many. All now of The Light. Originally some Lemurians went into the hollow earth just prior to the sinking of their continent. They also set up cavern cities deep in the earth’s crust as intermediary places – such as the city of Telos under Mount Shasta.
Since then various racial groupings have gone underground – and sooner or later all of them have been won over to The Light and joined in 5th dimensional Oneness consciousness. This does include some reptilians – and even a Nazi colony sent there by Hitler.
All is peace and oneness in inner earth – it is a high vibrational place.

Please do use your own discernment, intuition and sense of inner guidance to help sort through all the different information you can encounter out there. This includes what I have to say too. Test everything against the yardstick of your own inner wisdom. Only embrace that which resonates with you at the Core.

Hope this helps.


iterran | June 17, 2011 at 9:52 pm

Thanks Ralph,
i must say that i am stunned by the extent of your knowledge in our true history and sense of wisdom in your words. Are u considering publishing something maybe a booklet i would definitely buy it. But still i would truly like to believe that we are really at the transition to a better tomorrow and yet recent events around the Globe are truly mind bugling, because if you look at all the latest weather disasters for example you could either believe that mother Earth needs to cleanse herself hence the changes or there are Dark Forces controlling the weather around the Globe in order to reduce population and make a profit out of it. And what about all those secret underground bases like Dulce, or those big ones in South America or in China where they suppose to be under control of Reptilians or Greys. My question is that if you say,and i believe you, that All underground is now of Light does that mean that those secret alien bases where they conduct tests on us, interbreeding programs, bioware etc., that their now putting and end to this? So the Light forces are systematically converting the Dark ones from within, but thats brilliant. So you say that no matter how hard they try to deceive us through the media, money crisis and apocalypse scenarios, the truth is that The Light beings got it under control, that they’re here in our Sol system and we can look forward to a better future. Do you think that we can make it to a 5th dimension by 2012? Cause’ i think about nothing else. And i have one more question: Those giant motherships that have been spotted by Nasa’s SOHO telescope, around our Sun, some of them had size of our Earth, and u could clearly see that they were battling each other, i think they were first spotted in 2002, who they belong to? I know i am probably asking irrelevant questions but i was fascinated when i saw those pics and videos.
Anyway i look up to you, you are true to your history and i like it, no more deceivers please, i want to become space cadet and go space exploring finally.
Anyway i wish you lots of love and stay in light.
No man should walk out of his own story:)

ralph | June 19, 2011 at 2:19 am

Thank again Iterran.
You do have lots of good comments and questions.
There are still dark remnants active on our planet – so it is wise for us all to continue to use discernment and act carefully. We are in a transitional phase for a little while yet.
Things like the big earth changes, underground bases, financial crises and various global health problems are a big issue, and the remnant dark forces are certainly very active in these areas. However this is very much the last desperate acts of these ones as they struggle to hang on, but are surely being ousted. Do remember though that this remnant dark cabal can sting for a little while yet – like a wounded animal backed into a corner.
So act wisely.

The bottom line is that all is indeed on track and that we are currently in a phase of transitioning from 3-D separation consciousness through to 5-D Oneness consciousness. There will certainly be huge changes over the next couple of years, with various key times such as the 21 December 2012 Solstice. Keep in mind that it is not just one pivotal date, but a window of time we are passing through over a period of 5 years or so from 2010 to around 2016. You might find it useful to read the comments of Carlos Barrios on this website – see the page headed “A Mayan View On 2012”.

Regarding the earth changes, there are lots more to come yet. So be prepared. Fundamentally these changes are about Mother Earth purifying and realigning herself as she moves into 5th Dimensionality. And we are following her. However some of these changes are more severe than they need to be because of the deliberate subversive actions of the remnant dark forces here on earth. This dark cabal has defied the orders of its old masters, the Annunaki, who rejoined the Light in 1997 / 1998 and are now actively helping to uplift all on this planet. The humans and hybrids in the dark cabal are still full of lust for power and domination, and are full of fear because they are losing their grip. It’s wise to be careful of them for a little while yet. They can still bite.

But the key is that there is truly a Divine Plan in operation and we are being assisted by so many Beings Of The Light – including ourselves at a soul level. The outcome is assured. However there is still a very active clean-up process in operation – and there is a long way to go yet. However it will all be taken care of – in Divine Right Timing.

It’s just that fine detail, such as the exact dates and the specific form of the changes, is still fluid. The over-riding consciousness of humanity has a big part to play in influencing how these details take shape. And before you react with horror at the thought of the impact of so much mass unconsciousness, remember that high vibrations are far more powerful than lower vibrations. Hence a small number of aware aligned souls incarnated on this planet can counterbalance many millions of blind ones acting in ignorance. We have already reached critical mass for this to occur. Of course it does help to have as many people as possible waking up and aligning with Divine Source.

And finally regarding the huge mother ships seen near the sun – a big YES to those. They most certainly are part of the vast fleet of our space brothers. I don’t have detail on which civilisations they belong to. And I don’t know about them battling each other – the pictures I have seen show no evidence of this. I am aware they are there but I have no personal connection with them – yet.

You might find Sheldan Nidle’s views on these matters helpful. He has direct links with the Sirians and acts as a mouthpiece for them. He publishes regular free updates on his website and hosts some very interesting live webinars.

Great to hear from you Iterran. Keep those astute questions of yours coming. And continue to stay true to your inner knowing.

All the very best, Ralph

iterran | June 20, 2011 at 2:30 am

Hi again Ralph,
i am very happy that i have found myself a friend on such a high spiritual level such as you are. You must be a very old spirit my friend. I know that average age of human soul on this earthly plane is about 100 million years, but to remember such important key points in our history and to recall them as your own memory is a gift. I too remember something from my previous lives but nothing as grand as you. Off course i know that this is not a race, i’m not trying to outmatch u or anything, so please don’t think of me that way. Let me share with you a bit of my story, boring you is not my intent but in fact i don’t have many friends who would understand this as you do. Most of my friends are not open to this kind of discussion if u know what i mean. And i will eventually get to the point of my questions off course.
So it all started two years ago back in Ireland where i met my now former girlfriend. In fact she was and still is my soul mate, even in our previous lives we were partners, and i’m talkin’ about several lifetimes. We met on a spiritual retreat and our relationship began almost instantly, we started to recollect our common memories and it was beautiful. Anyway she’s a hypnotherapist and on my very first session under hypnosis, it was even strange to her ’cause she didn’t expect me to be so open to it, i was expanding very rapidly into blackness of our solar system and then i found myself floating right in front of our Sun, and i was just gazing at its beauty, just floating there when from all of the sudden something grabbed me from behind pulling me back, and while doing so he whispered to my ear “It’s not your time yet” It was Ra, Egyptian God of Sun, i instantly recognized him due to his eagle like head.
After that session i couldn’t sleep, i wanted to find out who he was a what he meant by those words he whispered to me. It was excruciating ’cause i am very curious person. Today i know that there is a race of beings called Carians, bird like beings from constellation of Orion. I know that they are one of two races who have been called by founders of our Universe to participate on creation of our Universe. Interestingly enough they are creators,keepers of stargates, magnetism etc. in cosmos. And i know that our Sun is literally a portal, stargate to another universe. So maybe i was subconsciously trying to pass through and he came to save me from a certain despair ’cause i wasn’t ready. I was even thinking that i might have connection with these Carian beings, who by the way created Draconian reptilian race, of which i’m not proud of. But since duality needs to be preserved and it is a part of creation i’m not judging. Anyway we used to do a lot of readings 2gether,me and my girl, talkin’ to spirits and this one time i had very interesting session with my Higher self,or at least i’d like to believe him as he said he was my HS, where it revealed to me apart from other things my supposed star name, Gosneq and he also revealed to me that in a near future i’ll be approached by extraterrestrial race where i’ll be acting as a diplomat. So here come my questions finally and maybe i would even ask you for a favor if you wouldn’t mind. Would you mind to find out something about me? concerning my star name Gosneq. Who am i, where did i come from? I don’t mean to bother you with this and i should probably figure it out myself. But you are much more experienced than i am and you already communicate with highly evolved beings so i was hoping if you could do this one for me? As long as you don’t mind. Me and my Higher Self are giving a full approval, that sounds silly doesn’t it? I’ll be very much obliged my friend.
So i’m looking forward to hearing from you again until then wish you lots of love and stay in light:)

ralph | July 13, 2011 at 12:48 am

Well Iterran, I will see what I can find out for you. I will keep you posted.
All the best, Ralph

White Star | July 17, 2011 at 12:24 pm

Om …

iterran | September 1, 2011 at 4:48 am

Hey there Ralph, long time no hear, here’s an interestin article that you might’ve heard about already or even experience
Also i would like to hear your thoughts on this Elenin phenomena. And lastly have you been able to find out anything, u know about my unusual request?
All the best from iterran

iterran | September 7, 2011 at 5:40 am

Hey there Ralph, long time no hear, i have an interesting article for you, you might’ve heard about this one, i would also like to hear your opinion on this Elenin phenomena.
Lastly, were you able to find out anything about my unusual request?, let me know please.
All the best, Martin

ralph | September 25, 2011 at 1:07 pm

Hi Iterran,
It’s been a little while since I have been online here – other things in life have been calling my attention.
The website you quote looks interesting. However the information contained there feels like a blank to me. It neither resonates for me nor feels wrong. It’s outside of my experiences and knowing, and I just get a big “don’t know”. Same thing applies to your question about your own background – I have tuned into my own connections and nothing comes through.
So this either means that it is not truth, or it simply is not the right time for me to know about all this.

Interesting about Elenin and the talk about the Brown Dwarf star coming behind it. Lots of doom and gloom stories on the net – and in people’s minds.
The Elenin thing feels greatly over-hyped to me. There is no sense that we are under threat from this – if there are any potential problems it feels very much that our Space Brothers and the Higher Realms will take care of things on our behalf.
However it is a good illustration of how so many people easily get seduced into darkness, fear and panic – yet these very same people are reluctant to tune into the resonances of Love, Life and Divinity. To me this is a real sorting of the wheat from the chaff.
Do we each choose fear – or do we choose Love. I am for Love and God!

Inelia Benz (an amazing Avatar – see and her Project Avalon YouTube) talks wisely about how we can change timelines if enough of us focus on the desired outcome.
Hear Hear!

I say stay our of fear and Be In The Heart. Let your highest dreams take wing.

Together we can co-create Heaven On Earth in these momentous times of change.

All the very best, Ralph

iterran | October 2, 2011 at 1:06 am

Hey there Ralph, about the unusual request of mine, it’s ok, to be honest i didn’t expect any other answer, when i think about it now, it was kinda bold of me asking you for that, i mean you have gone a long way apparently to gain such wisdom and knowledge, i shall find out by myself. Thank you for trying though. Today i know that it wasn’t my higher self that i was talking to.
I share your opinion about Elenin, people always need some drama in their lives, that is why they are seeking out such doomsday scenarios. Deep down they’re screaming for change.
On a different subject, have you heard about Brian Stalin, he’s a top researcher on past lives and Akashik records. I like his videos on Youtube. Check it out if you like. Have you looked into Akashik records yourself? Tell me about it.
Have a nice day my friend.
May the light by with you and within :)

ralph | October 6, 2011 at 5:03 pm


We are about to enter the final Seventh Day of the last Universal Cycle of the Mayan Calendar on October 11. This is a time for us to step into Unity Consciousness.
Then on October 28 the Mayan Calendar ends and we move into the New Reality free of the constraints of old linear time. We then have about a year to digest and integrate these changes before the Gates close on the transition path from the Old Ways of duality into the New Ways of Oneness with the alignment with the Galactic Centre on 21 December 2012.
Momentous times of undoing the old institutions and bringing forth new aligned ways are at hand – as can be seen by the YouTube video and the associated Wayseer movement at This seems to be a great way to activate the newer young Second Wavers and Third Wavers (the New Children). And we sure need them to come online!

Carl Calleman has just posted an excellent piece about the current happenings, both personal and planetary, and the ending of the Mayan Calendar at

As they say, see you on the other side!

And yes, at times I have the priviledge of being given access to some parts of the Akashic Records.

All the very best in these momentous times. Ralph

iterran | October 21, 2011 at 7:04 am

Hey there Ralph, how r u? Thanks for the previous update.
I have a question for u, to me it’s kinda a puzzle.
I would really appreciate if you could help me with this.
I was thinking a lot lately about past lives, reincarnation and such.
To give it a little meaning, i’ll start from the beginning. Now for a long time i knew who is my spirit guide, i know that we have few of them, some stay only temporarily a then leave, but i talk about one for life. It is a Knight Templar. The way i perceive Spirit guides is that, as we know they choose who they going to guide through, but at the same time i feel that they are part of us, to put it simply, i believe that my spirit guide is my past incarnation, he even does look like me, more or less.
When i was six i got hit by a bus, but he saved me with his shield, my mom was there with me and she couldn’t believe how i was able to survive it. He gives me courage and strength.
But i get to the point now, yesterday i’ve stumbled upon a website where this woman was trying to expose reptilians among politicians and all hordes of famous people. U could tell that she was quite obsessed with that topic and there was also lot of hate coming of that webpage. And then between lines she mentions Knights Templar as reptiles too, i have stopped reading and instantly thought of my Templar, i wasn’t getting any response, so i only assured my self that all that matters is who i am now. I don’t understand how she could make such a bold statement. I know they practised kaballah and other esoteric stuff. But to frame them all as reptiles, maybe grandmasters, could be. I never actually had any need of asking him about any of that, i get the feeling he wouldn’t tell me and I don’t wish to labour it any longer.
I’m asking you buddy for your open point of view.
Thanks for hearing me out, your a good friend.
Light and love

ralph | October 24, 2011 at 1:02 am

Hi Iterran,
The key point is your own Knowing – as you rightly point out. Trust that.
And Yes – we do have spirit guides. Some are separate external beings while others are indeed aspects and projections of our I AM Presence.

I can certainly vouch for the Light-filled aspects of a lot of what the Knights Templar were on about. I should know – I had several past lives as one. In fact I recall having the priviledge of being in the group who uncovered the Grail Treasure on Temple Mount in Jerusalem. I am also aware of some dark ones in the organisation who at times did use controlling powerplays and esoteric knowledge to do harm. It was a mixed time of both Light and dark.
But overall it was as fine a group as was possible at that time in human history.
Yes they had access to quite an extensive body of arcane knowledge, and they did much good work to protect Christian pilgrims, and to enhance the evolution of human consciousness. Yet I also acknowledge the harm caused by some in the brotherhood.
I am proud of my Templar heritage. As a body the Templars were dedicated to The Light and to serving God.

Hope this helps.

All the best, Ralph

iterran | October 31, 2011 at 4:22 am

Hey there Ralph, thank you very much for your help, you’r truly a class. I had the feeling that you were Templar too.
I felt connection between us and i still do, so with permission of your Higher Self i was asking for little info on you, and this is what came up.
So you live in Perth, then there is St. Clair, i wasn’t sure about this one but it kept coming up to my mind, it could be your surname or name of a hospital but then again i don’t see you as a doctor, at least not in a medicinal field. I believe that you’re a professor of sociology or something like that and despite your extensive knowledge you appear young, not as young as i am but around 40. Then there’s name Drake, i’m not sure who could that be though.
Off course non of that has to be true, but usually i’m not mistaking. Yet still i have to work on my skills.
But lets get back to our beloved Templars.
What kind of treasure have you uncovered on Temple Mount?, you don’t have to tell me, if you don’t feel like it. Personally i don’t believe it was a chalice or any of that crap, i don’t even think that it was of a material value. I believe that it is an artifact of extraterrestrial origin, or something that contains vast information about our universe.
And tell me Ralph, when Templars were persecuted and fleeing allegedly to America, didn’t they take this treasure to Ethiopia?
Here’ s a link to very good video, it’s a full documentary of 5 hours so you have to spare some time for this one, but it’s a good mash up of all there is:
Is it true that at the time of our birth was assign to us one Guardian angel and one guardian demon?

I look forward to your response as always.

All the best, Iterran

iterran | October 31, 2011 at 7:05 am

Hey Ralph, here i got another video that i’m watching just now, it is brilliant, i defo recommend this one
credits to the young lad there:
Don’t forget to read my previous entry please

All the best


iterran | December 24, 2011 at 8:21 am

Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas
May the Omniverse brings you all the Love and Joy you seek my friend.

Love and Light

ralph | December 26, 2011 at 5:51 pm

Greetings to you for the festive season. 2012 is set to be brilliant – have a look at the message just posted from Saint Germain.
I am sending you an email response to your questions.
All the very best, Ralph

Iterran | March 1, 2012 at 10:44 pm

Hey there Ralph, how are you? Did you make any progress with your project? Have you found some time to watch those videos i sent you? Tell me something inspiring or encouraging, i could use it right now.
Wish you all the best in the meantime.
bey bey
p.s. please respond to my email,thanx

iterran | March 7, 2012 at 9:12 am

Hey there Ralph, i have stumbled upon this article and hell yeah it is more than interesting please take some time to read it i would like to know your opinion:
All the best

iterran | March 9, 2012 at 4:56 am

Hi Ralph, i know you have probably tons of other things to in your mind now since you are now entering the final phase of your ascension process, well done on that btw, but still if you find some spare time please check this website, i am stunned by the amount of detailed information posted there:
Here’s the link
And also please read my previous entries, thank you Ralph
Love and Light

ralph | March 15, 2012 at 8:41 pm

Many thanks Iterran.
I will certainly check out these websites and get back to you on it all.

For some inspiring guidance check out:
1 –
2 – The Ascension 101 course at Inelia Benz’s website
3 – The Cell Speak eProgram at Lauren Corgo’s website

These are great resources for all who seek The Truth.

Great Times now – and we are called to Be Great.


iterran | March 27, 2012 at 5:48 am

Hey Ralph,
i know, i don’t want to push on you with my needs,i know you have lot on your mind, whenever you’ll have time for me, i’ll be more then happy. I watched the story of Anita Moorjani, i must admit i wasn’t really surprised by her story, because i know, that our mind is over matter, that we are capable of anything and her story is the exact proof of it, and yet it is still beautiful and captivating story. She made me realize that what we truly fear is our ego. It must be beautiful though to feel that kind of connection, she must’ve been literally connected to a collective mind, or maybe her soul group, i wish her long and healthy life. I haven’t checked the other websites you posted for me, so i will take a look at them now.
I am grateful for what you are doing for me.
Wish you lot of Love and Light

ralph | June 23, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Hi Iterran,
Did you get the email I sent you in late May?
In essence it said: So far I have had no information from your Higher Self. We will see what comes through over time.
Do you have any particular questions for me?
By the way Anita Moorjani’s new book “Dying To be Me” is superb (available from – as is “The Divine Woman And The Twin Flame” by Jacinta Le Plastrier (see and,The_JacintaLePlastrier%7C9780987162519)
Hope all is going well for you.
Best Wishes, Ralph

beleeve | December 30, 2012 at 8:15 pm

Beautiful. I could not stop smiling when I was reading this page.
I love how all truth is unfolding.
Thank you Ralph, this information is important.
Love and light to you.

TruthHurts | February 26, 2013 at 9:20 am

I Find it quite sad that the ascended masters are being promoted as humanities saviors. the ascended masters are deceivers and are reptilian overlords come to harvest the souls of humanity. I will ascend by my self without any help from other beings claiming they are my masters. I am my own master and I will ascend with my mother earth. I will not be persuaded to evacuate earth or go into technology light chambers. False light teachers will come and those who cannot question will lose their souls.

ralph | March 3, 2013 at 8:02 pm

To TruthHurts, it is certainly true that is NOT about waiting for “saviours” or “gurus” to fix things for us.
It is imperative we each follow our inner truth. To quote the Hopi saying “We are The Ones we have been waiting for”.
If your inner guidance takes you in the direction you are talking about, so be it.
Best wishes on your journey.

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